Arts & Crafts

Beautiful Glass provides custom art glass creations for any budget.  Common themes are arctic animals and dogs.


Community Service Websites

Dogs with Disabilities provides support and assistance to owners of dogs that are handicapped, blind or deaf. 




United Dog FoundationThe United Dog Foundation provides assistance to Dog Rescues worldwide.  We provide a venue to purchase supplies, make donations and find volunteers.  Free listings for Dog Rescues and Humane Societies.


Learn about what it's like to live with the Alaskan Malamute. Occasionally we have puppies -  but our main purpose is to educate and inform. 


Fruitcake RescueUnsure what to do with that unwanted fruitcake?  Fruitcake rescue takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to saving the fruitcakes of the world from abuse and neglect.  Stan wants your fruitcakes!



Orphan puppies that need a wet nurse? Sell milk replacement products? We've got you covered.  Also great advice on helping puppies nurse and to get mom to have a plentiful milk supply naturally.

Nail Chewer's Self-Help

 Products & strategies to help you
stop nibbling...





If you need Legal Services, contact us for affordable access to an attorney 24/7. 


 wants you to know how Michigan Law is NOT protecting our pets.  Join our cause and help pets everywhere!




Genealogy  & Family Trees

Do you know who you are?  Trace your ancestors and find out.

Learn about your early american roots - follow the travels of the Smith, Perrin, Jones, Henry and other families.

Software & Hardware

Customized Software from open sources for business solutions....affordable and customizable.

Products & Services

O'Malley Web Design provides full service web services including Hosting and Domains for small businesses worldwide. 



Resume Asylum

The Resume Asylum is a full service resume and copywriting service. 




Canine WhispererDog training with a twist.  Learn about dog behavior from a dog's perspective.  Learn to be alpha of your pack.  Take control and enjoy your dog more than you ever thought you could.




Custom pet clothing for animals featuring our patented "chastity pants" for dogs in season.  Fleece & Knit wear for dogs.  Custom made in the USA.  Also many other affiliate links for unique and unusual items.


517LiveHere Livingston County's premier FISBO website.   We know the area, the people and the homes for sale...even the ones not on the MLS.




Dan O'Malley Dog HandlerProfessional Dog handling at it's finest.  Dan brings years of experience to the dog show arena and presents the dogs he handles with professional expertise.





Alaskan Shadow




Alaskan Shadow Designs specializes in Animal related web design for animal professionals such as Breeders, Veterinarians, Petsitters, and Rescues.

Retail Services & Shops

Specialty-BasketsSpecialty-Baskets provide unique and special baskets for every occasion.  Truly unique baskets without fillers and with practical as well as pretty contents.




Resale Auctions provides an alternative to boring online shopping.  With constantly changing inventory, unique items and great prices. Let us be your online garage sale!





Simply Whippets Book Store Purveyors of everything Whippet!  We have books and every imaginable Whippet item available.




Yodel BoyBest bargains on the web. Yodel Boy finds them and yodels for you!  Find deals on travel, electronics, and more. Don't just buy, dude, yodel!



Blog Websites


Follow the adventures of a couple of transplanted Trolls to the Yooper!


Hairy-Podder is a very literate dog and she'll give you new insight into the doggy literary world.


Need a product or service? Take a look around. The Omalmals Mall provides a variety of goods and services as well as community service websites.